What Are The Laws Regarding Prostitution In Virginia

Law Of Prostitution In Virginia:

The laws regarding prostitution are considered a serious crime in Virginia. The criminal of the prostitution will fall under the title number 18.2 and chapter number 8 as well. If any person has been charged with this crime then he or she must need to hire a professional lawyer for them because it is impossible for a person to handle this situation alone. The lawyer will provide a proper defense to its clients.

Commercial Sexual Conduct Of Prostitution (Section Number 18.2-346):

This section covers the two crimes that are prostitution and the solicitation of the prostitution as well. If an individual performs any sexual activity just in exchange of cash, gold, drugs or any other valuable thing or if another person asks to person sexual acts just for money, drugs etc. then he or she will be found guilty or prostitution crime in Virginia under the section number 18.2-346(A). However, the last element of the crime is that the person then follows up the offer by doing any sexual acts. This crime is defined as a misdemeanor of Class 1 under the Section number 18.2-346(A). The person who will charge for the crime will face the penalty of more than 12 months in prison and they may also pay a fine that can be up to 2,500 according to the section number 18.2-11(a).

On the other hand, if a person offers money to another person just in exchange for any sexual activity and then they act on the given offer, in this situation the person who will perform this activity will be found the guilty of solicitation of prostitution in Virginia. It is also defined as a misdemeanor or class 1 under the section number 18.2-346(B). The person who will be charged for this crime will face the more the 1-year imprisonment or they may also need to pay fine that can be up to $2,500 according to the section number 18.2-11(a).

Here is an exception made that if a person will found guilty of soliciting prostitution from a child under the section number 18.2-346(B). IF hi use the minor for this purpose whose age will be under 16 years old when he will be charged with the crime. This crime is defined as a felony or class 6 under the section number 18.2-346(B)(i). In this type of cases, the offender will face the harsher penalties that can be 1to 5 years in jail and the fine that can be up to $2,500 according to the section number 18.2-10(f).

If the person will use a minor to solicit the prostitution purpose whose age will be 16 years old then this crime will be defined as the felony of class 5 under the section number 18.2-346(B)(ii). In this situation the criminal face penalties that can badly affect their life. The may face 1 to 10 years of imprisonment and may also pay the fine that can be up to $2,500 according to the section number Section 18.2-10(e).

The person will also require registered as sex offender in the database of the government because the Laws Regarding Prostitution is very strict in Virginia.