Virginia Computer Crimes Laws

There are many computer-related acts that are prohibited in the state of Virginia and they are referred to as computer crimes. These acts are entering into any computer networks without permissions and using the computer for the conviction of a crime. There are many other computer crimes as well such as privacy theft and computer harassment. These offenses are separated into felonies and misdemeanors. The theft is the most serious crime and the damages are also related to the computer crimes. In this article, laws related to the computer crimes in Virginia will be discussed in detail. Let’s have a look at it.

Offenses that are prohibited by the State Law

There are many offenses that are prohibited in the Virginia Computer Crimes Act and these are discussed below.

  • The computer fraud in which a computer network is used without the authority of the administrator. This is done for the convictions such as stealing, obtaining, and embezzling the property for any false purpose.
  • The computer can be used to send spam which is the unsolicited advertisements and any false transmission of the email having wrong information.
  • Computer trespass is also a crime and it includes removing, halting, disabling, or malfunctioning a computer network without authorization.
  • The invasion of privacy is also a crime. It includes viewing the confidential information without permission.
  • Obtaining the computer services willfully without authority is also a computer crime.
  • Harassing someone through the computer is also an offense.

Additional Information Related to Computer Crime Laws

The section code in which these computer crimes are defined is 18.2-152.1. The mental state required to prove this crime is that the person commits this offense intentionally. The computer fraud with the value less than USD 200 is a misdemeanor of Class 1. Other Class 1 crimes are computer theft, invasion of privacy, personal trespass, and computer harassment.

Felony computer crimes are computer crimes with values more than USD 200, trespassing computer which results in a damage of USD 2500 and more is a Class 6 felony. If you are an individual or a business and you have experienced a computer crime then it is important that you must report it to the law enforcement body at federal, local or state level. Contacting the local or state police is also another option. If the crimes are crossing the state lines, then it is better to contact the FBI. You can also report the computer crimes to the Internet Computer Complaint Center also known as IC3.

Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes are also known as internet crimes and they are very common these days. These are the crimes that involve high technology along with a cellphone, computer, and other devices. They are committed to gain network access. In some crimes, the computer is also used as a weapon. In many cases, the computer is used for launching the denial of service attack. There are many a crime in which computer is used just as an accessory for example when there is a need to store data illegally.