Law of Controlled substances in Louden Virginia

Controlled Substances in Loudoun Virginia

Controlled Substances in Loudoun Virginia clearly state the controlled drugs and substance are illegal to use.  There are 6 schedules in the law which clearly defines different categories of these drugs. Drug classification is purely based on the potency, abuse, and risk of dependency.

Classification of drugs according to schedules

  • A drug that lies in schedule 1 is the potent and most addictive drugs. The use of drugs is strictly prohibited. There is no safety present for medical use.
  • Drugs present in schedule 2 have somewhat safety for medical use. They are highly potent and cause physical as well as psychic dependence.
  • Schedule 3 contains class of drugs having potency level less as compared to schedule 1 and 2.
  • Drugs present in schedule 4 and 5 have limited physical dependency and used for medical purpose.
  • Schedule 6 drugs come under prescription category and safe for medical use.

Louden Virginia controlled drug charges

According to Louden Virginia controlled substances law, the charges and fine depends on the different factors as well as circumstances. The person taking these drugs not only bear the severe health issues but also face some penalties from the government. Louden county Virginia laws follow most of the federal drug law but only minute changes are present in the state law. Marijuana is considered as the unscheduled drug in Virginia law while according to federal law it lies in controlled drug substances.

Penalties for taking these controlled substances.

In louden, county Virginia intake of marijuana not comes in any felony but it is only the misdemeanor charge. The consumption of other controlled substances that lies in schedules comes in felony charges. The penalties are charged according to the schedule drugs, amount of drug consumption and type of possession. For example, if some sale these drugs to the layman or without any prescription than he is liable to the felony or punishment according to the law.

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